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Links to Other Basketry & Craft Related Sites

The following sites are specifically related to basketmaking:

The UK

  • The Basketmakers' Association: The site for the UK's national organisation for basketmakers and chair seaters; and also for those who are not professional makers, but who make some baskets, or who are just basket enthusiasts.
  • A UK site run by a very active member of the Basketmakers' Association, who offers UK makers the opportunity to have their work displayed on the Internet.


  • The Swiss Basketmakers' Association (JGK): An interesting site, mainly in German.
  • Werner Turtschi: The site of a Swiss basketmaker with English pages, a range of photos and a good list of links.
  • L'Esprit du Saule: A big French site (all in French) with a wide range of photos.
  • Fayl-Billot: A small town in France famous for basketmaking, which houses the French National School of Basketry.
  • Villaines les Rocher: The home of a large, long-standing basketmaking co-operative in France.
  • Vallabregues Festival : The location of an annual basketry festival in France which takes place in the second week of August.
  • Lichtenfels Market: The location in Germany of a big annual basket market, held on the third weekend in September.
  • Jonas Hasselrot: A Swedish basketmaker, specialising in making baskets from spruce roots and also from birch bark.
  • Woven Willow World: The site of Edo, a young basketmaker in Bosnia Herzegovina who specialises in woven willow furniture.


  • Baskets Etc.: A comprehensive and very well maintained site, which has links to a vast number of other basketmakers and basketry related sites world-wide, although with an emphasis on the US. There are many basket photos to see and also contact e-mail addresses for a large number of basketmakers.
  • Basketweaving Top Listed.Net: A site which lists 50 basketry websites selected on the basis of various criteria to reflect overall popularity, and displays thumbnail images of them.
  • Basketry Information: Another site with links to a range of sites related to the craft.
  • BasketMakers: A comprehensive site showing baskets made from a wide range of materials, including willow.
  • Buy Wholesale Club: A site with a large range of items, including a good selection of baskets.
  • Craft A large directory for Arts and Craft enthusiasts on the Internet. The site has over 24,000 links in more than 900 categories, including basketry.
  • Jewelry Store Plus More: A gift site with a selection of gift baskets.
  • My Coupons: This site covers a wide range of goods, but buried within it is this little gem of a page on basketry, with a potted history of the craft and an impressive set of links to a whole range of basketry related sites and pages, with an emphasis on how to make things and a very good set of links specifically for children.
  • Nantucket Lightship Baskets by Wendy Marshall: A site specialising in this lovely traditional North American style of basket.
  • Simply This site offers a wide variety of one-of-a-kind handwoven and artisan signed baskets, including vintage and antique baskets. It also has a good directory of basketry related links.
  • Simply Nantucket Baskets: Another site devoted to Nantucket baskets. There are also extensive links to other basketmakers and basketmaking guilds and groups.
  • The Wicker Woman: A site providing free information and resources on traditional basketry, chair caning, wicker furniture restoration, antler basketry and more; and listing cane & basket supply companies, basket guilds, basketmakers, USA National Furniture Repair Directory, free monthly ezine, seatweaving forum, how-to articles, wicker & cane FAQ, tip sheets and events calendar.
  • Little Rock Crate and Basket: A company in the US producing handmade wooden baskets of various types, mainly round.

In addition to the above I have listed below a few sites relating to the wider field of craftwork in the UK:

  • Art & Design Online: A resource tool for the Art and Design Community. An extensive database allows direct access to top of the line Artists and Designers from around the world.
  • The Crafts Council: This is the national UK body for the crafts, funded by the government. In addition to events, exhibitions etc. the Council maintains a list of Selected Makers, who produce work of a very high standard in their particular craft field. If you are interested in buying or commissioning high quality craftwork, this is the place to start looking.
  • Arts Council England, South West: This is the regional Arts Board for the South West and has information about artists and craftworkers in the South West, as well as information about exhibitions, courses etc. in the region.
  • UK Craft Fairs: A valuable resource for all craft related businesses in the UK. Useful for craft fair organisers, exhibitors and craft supplies in the UK.
  • A gardening site which contains an A-Z directory of suppliers of plants and garden-related items, including baskets.
  • Jim Sharples Furniture: A bespoke furniture maker, based in Bristol.
  • Ethical Duck: A site listing green, ethical, fairtrade, eco-friendly and organic websites including several related to crafts.