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How to Order or Commission a Basket

How to Order a Basket from the Gallery

If you would like to order a basket from the Gallery, please:

  • find the basket you would like to order
  • jot down its name, size (where relevant) and price
  • click on the Order Form link
  • fill in a simple order form
  • print off a copy for your reference
  • print off another copy and send it to me with a cheque made payable to ROY YOUDALE

    N.B. If you are ordering from outside the UK, please me first to arrange the method of payment (US customers: please see note below).

    I will then send you a receipt and confirmation of when I can send the basket to you.

    How to Commission a Special Basket

Most of my work is commissioned and I welcome requests to make special or unusual baskets. Before contacting me, please think about:

1. the basic measurements for the basket, and also specify if these are internal or external measurements

2. possible colours. I can normally offer a mixture of "buff", "brown" and "white" willow (please see below for details):

Buff willow weaving White willow weaving Brown willow weaving
Buff (boiled/stripped ) White (stripped) Brown (unstripped)

If you would like the basket made all in one colour, the only colours I will do are "buff" and "white". I am happy to make baskets with brown sides, but the base and border will be in either buff or white.

3. your preferred timescale (please see below).

When you have worked out these details, you can either send me an order form and I will contact you to discuss the details, or just contact me directly.

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For all orders over £50 I ask for a deposit of approximately 25% (rounded up to the nearest £5), for which I will send you an immediate receipt. Unless you are collecting the basket, I will contact you as soon as it has been made and ask you to send me a cheque for the balance and the postage. As soon as I receive your cheque, I will post the basket.

My preferred method of payment is a bank transfer. If this is not possible, I will accept cheques (please make them payable to ROY YOUDALE), but am unable to take credit card payments.

Special Note for Customers Wishing to Pay in US Dollars

I have signed up with PayPal, which allows me to accept credit card payments online in US dollars. You will still need to e-mail me about the cost of postage and packing, but when the total price has been calculated, I can arrange for you to make a simple online payment. You will need to be or become a PayPal member, but this is free and it is quick and easy to join.

Payments made via PayPal are subject to an extra charge of 5% of the total payment, since that is the commission PayPal charges me, and I cannot afford not to pass it on.

As these transactions depend upon the dollar-pound exchange rate, I will convert pounds into dollars using the current exchange rate as given at XE.Com the Universal Currency Converter website, at the time of agreeing the order with you.

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Postage & Packing

There is a minimum charge of £5 for postage, packing and insurance, and as an approximate guide, the cost for most of the baskets shown in the Gallery will be somewhere between £5 and £20. Postage is normally by courier or Royal Mail which can take up to 7 days to arrive, but in my experience the timescale is usually only two or three.

Before agreeing an order I will always try to give you an approximate figure for the cost of postage and consult you about how you wish the item to be sent, and give you the options available. Occasionally I may be able to deliver the item myself, and will let you know the approximate cost beforehand.

Timescale for Delivery

If you require the basket within a specific time limit, please contact me first to see how quickly I can have it ready for you. I work mainly to commission, and so keep a relatively limited amount of stock. This means that I will normally need to make your basket, rather than simply take it off the shelf and send it to you.

As a rough guide please allow a minimum of 4 weeks from the date of ordering, although I can sometimes do things more quickly.

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