Coloured woven willow Roy Youdale, Basketmaker

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About Roy This page gives details of my background as a basketmaker. It includes information about my training, experience as a maker and teacher, and current interests
Contact Roy This page gives my contact details by e-mail, telephone, fax and post; and also includes a link to an online map of the area in which I live if you are visiting me
Courses This page gives information about basketmaking courses
Craft Fairs This page lists the craft fairs and shows at which I will be exhibiting during the year, and the opportunity to obtain advance tickets
Gallery This is the heart of the site and contains a comprehensive gallery of photos of my work broken down into types of basket. After viewing the thumbnail images in any particular category of basket, you can obtain detailed information about a basket (description, dimensions and price) by simply clicking on the thumbnail photo. There is also a link to the Ordering page from all parts of the Photo Gallery.
Home This explains the range of things you can do and find out about on the site
Links This page provides links to a number of other sites which are specifically devoted to basketmaking, and also to some which are related to crafts in general
Ordering This page gives detailed information about how to order a basket from the Photo Gallery, or to commission a special basket from me
Willow This page gives a brief overview of the annual cycle of willow growing and harvesting, and where to obtain more detailed information