Totes, Hats, Shirts & More – The Most Popular Items To Giveaway At Your Next Company Retreat

As your company grows, so will your employees away from each other and possibly into company offices scattered across the state or country. Soon it may seem as if people who used to work well together are never in the same office at the same time.

This is the moment when company retreats become crucial to show employee appreciation and to reaffirm shared mission and goals.

Here are the top 5 favorite themes for company retreats and giveaway ideas to show employee appreciation.

1. Tropical Themed Retreat – Drawstring Backpack

Whether it’s a weekend to the beaches in Florida or the palm trees of California, customize a drawstring backpack with a theme of the destination in mind.

A drawstring backpack will keep your team’s hands-free for any team building activities and can hold all the essentials for a full day of events. As a bonus, include a reusable tumbler, a pair of sunglasses, a hat, and of course, snacks. All these items can be customized to reaffirm the purpose of your retreat.

2. Volunteering Retreat – Reusable Water Bottles

Volunteering can be a wonderfully motivational activity that builds teamwork. Volunteer at a non-profit organization with a similar mission as your company. A great item to include is a reusable water bottle customized to honor the retreat and the shared vision experienced by your team.

You can pack the container in a themed lunch bag with other items such as a lanyard, a first aid kit, a keychain, reusable culinary equipment, DIY and snacks.

3. Team Adventures – Customized T-Shirts

Team adventures such as outdoor hiking or charitable walks are great ways to be exposed to new settings, ideas, and methods of working together in a less stressful environment.

Prepare a backpack full of useful items such as a custom t-shirt to remember the event, a hat, an insulated water bottle, a bottle of sunscreen, and a pedometer. Every single one of these items can be made to remember the retreat.

4. Team Building Entertainment – Commemorative Shot Glass

Team building entertainment can range from casino nights to mystery dinners. The variety is endless. Plan an event bag full of commemorative items such as shot glasses, wine bottle opener, coaster, and snacks.

The possibilities are endless. Aim to be as spontaneous as the event itself.

5. Relaxation – Tote Bags

Relaxation destinations, such as spas and resorts, are among the top destinations for company retreats. These places are great for wellness. Use a customizable tote bag for your company from US Imprints and fill it with a toiletries kit, skin care, essential oils, stress ball, and spa set.

Company retreats are a great way to show appreciation to your employees and to ensure that they remember they are not working within their island but that there is a more prominent link that ties them with the same mission and goals as their colleagues. US Imprints offers many personalized keepsakes to ensure that the retreat is memorable and fun.

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