About Us

The art of utilizing plant products for other uses instead of the traditional medicinal and herbal treatments has been going on for several centuries.

Among these, fibers from hemp and cannabis have both been identified to have a wide variety of uses. The most common uses include paper, fuel, plastic substitutes, and textiles.

Willow baskets, owned and managed by Todd Clairborne, is a small-scale business that advocates Fair Trade practices and the use of natural materials from hemp and cannabis for the creation of all our products.

The plants are locally grown and processed in the US. Willow Baskets is also an equal opportunity company that employs individuals residing in the US to help boost the local economy.

From production to the final product, everything undergoes strict quality control to assure that our customers only receive the best quality products.

To gain our niche in the market, Todd Clairborne decided to expand the products from baskets to other items such as tote bags, hats, and towels. Each product is made custom based on the customer’s request. We also offer yarns and twines in a variety of colors for arts and crafts enthusiasts.

Are you looking for a unique made custom item for your next gift? Contact us at Willow Baskets and we’ll be happy to accommodate your request!