D-I-Y Twine Bowl

Are you looking for your next arts and crafts project? Why not try to create a twine bowl that has a variety of uses. This is perfect for a weekend project. If you have kids at home, have them create their own (while you supervise, of course). 

Here’s what you’ll be needing:

Bowl – to act as your mold. Choose the size depending on how big you want the basket to be.
Cling wrap

A sharp pair of scissors

Hemp twine

Craft glue

Paint brush

Newspaper – to protect your work area

Let’s begin creating:

Protect your work area by covering it with newspaper.

Prepare the bowl mold by positioning it upside down on the work surface.

Cover the bowl mold with 3-4 layers of cling wrap.

Apply a generous amount of craft glue on the cling wrap-covered bowl.

Take the loose end of the hemp twine and wind it between your fingers into a small flat disk.

Place the flat disk on top of the bowl.

Wind the rest of the twine until the top of the bowl is completely covered.

Apply more craft glue. Don’t worry, it will dry out into a clear color.

Continue the twine winding process around the bowl until you reach about half an inch from the bottom.

Make sure that that each layer is tightly wound and close to each other.

Using the sharp pair of scissors, snip the end of the hemp twine.

Apply more craft glue to the entire finished product. Make sure all nooks and crannies are covered.

Set aside to air dry for at least 1 week. You might need to air dry your hemp twine bowl much longer than this if you created a really big one.

Once thoroughly dry, carefully remove the bowl mold.

The last layer of cling wrap will be stuck to the twine bowl. Don’t worry! Not only does it add strength, but it also makes your twine bowl sort of waterproof. 

You can choose to leave your twine bowl as is or decorate it with paint or other knickknacks. All done!

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