Using Nature’s Gifts

Give the perfect gift for that special person with customized products made from hemp and cannabis plants.

Baskets Galore

From table top baskets to tote bags. We have the perfect size to suit your daily needs. Orders for custom sizes are also accepted.

Hemp Towels

Towels that are antimicrobial, durable, soft, organic, and machine washable. Perfect for the kitchen, bath, beach, gym, or any other use that you can think of.

Hats, Yarns, and Twines

Choose from a wide selection of made-to-order custom hats. Yarns and twines from hemp and cannabis for any arts and crafts lover are also available.

Hemp and cannabis are both a variety of the plant species Cannabis sativa, which is why some people tend to confuse and interchange one with the other. This is because the plant commonly known as marijuana is also a variety of Cannabis sativa. On the other hand, hemp is also known as industrial hemp that has a multitude of uses.

At Willow Baskets, we use industrial hemp and cannabis to provide our customers with allergen-free, pesticide-free, and 100% natural products. We advocate sustainable manufacturing processes and Fair Trade practices.

The raw products are machine-processed and supervised by individuals who only work for an 8-hour day shift to make sure that the machines are working properly. Our final products are made by local seamstresses and basket makers who work from the comfort of their home.

The manufacture of our final products is always kept at a moderate volume assuring that our home-based workers are not overburdened with their workload while receiving a fair wage that is above the current minimum wage.

Set in the heart of downtown Chicago, we cater to meet the needs of our customers in owning or gifting their family, friends, and colleagues with a piece that has its own unique characteristic. We offer made custom pieces that guarantees a smile and heartfelt gratitude from the recipient.

Willow Baskets is a fairly new and young company, compared to others, but we are proud to say that we are slowly but surely making our mark in the industry.

Since we only produce a moderate volume of products at a time, we are able to thoroughly check each product to assure customers that they only get their hands on a high-quality product. Our satisfied first time and repeat customers can attest to this.

Want to own or gift a made custom product from hemp or cannabis? Contact us now!


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